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Second Nose Developed in Trento

Second Nose Logo With the help of a smartphone and a personal connected device (like a smart wristband or a simple sensor) everyone can become a sensor of his territory and help the city to become smarter.

We present SecondNose, an experimental service born within the MTL project, aiming at collecting environmental data to monitor the quality of the air. Using a key holder-like sensor (developed by [1]) and the MTL platform for data collection and analytics, we extensively collect a geo-referred dataset containing environmental data like Carbon Monoxide (CO) values, air pressure and temperature which are proxies for the air quality level [2] in urban areas.

SecondNose currently collects and aggregates data from 50 individuals belonging to the MTL community and living in Trento area, each collecting a data point every five minutes. You can access the map of the data collected last week by clicking on “view map”. The map shows data aggregated in circular clusters on a 5-level scale

Excellent     Very good     Good     Dangerous     Very Dangerous

The alpha-value (transparency) of each area is related to the confidence of the measure: solider colors are associated to higher confidence rates (e.g. more data points available). How does this deal with Personal Data? Like many other application that we daily use, SecondNose make use of some personal data to work. An example? The GPS positioning of your mobile phone. That’s why we designed it to be fully compliant with our Personal Data Store, the data box, available to MTL users that gives them a complete control over the collected personal data and ensures a transparent and fair management.

SecondNose is the demonstration that in the near future we can have smarter cities with smarter communities. This scenario demonstrates how Personal (Big) Data will become a key factor in the development of a territory. Every individual will contribute by becoming a living sensors: more data, more accurate, less costs.
The testers have an Android widget which manages the collection and the protection of data synchronized with the MTL platform. The widget shows the collected parameters as shown below and monitors that the connection with the Bluetooth-compliant sensor is working properly. With the SecondNoise widget you can see the quality of air that surrounds you at a specific time or in the recent past: this is a step beyond in improving your QUALITY OF LIFE!